1st Still Family Event a BIG Success and Keeps Scarlett’s Sunshine Going

March 13, 2017 The Still Remembered Project

1st Still Family Event a BIG Success and Keeps Scarlett’s Sunshine Going

Yesterday, we hosted the Still Family Painting Party, which is our first event for our Still Family project. 20 “Still Family Kids” attended with their parents!

The children had an amazing time painting a canvas with their first initial and making their very own memory box! To get the children started with their memory box collection, we gave them stickers with our logo and white feathers to remind them of their angel in heaven.

A special thank you to Bethel Bakery for the donation of a cake and to Dunkin’ Donuts for a donation of donuts and munchkins! The kids were delighted!

Thank you to Splat! for organizing such a great event!

Lastly, we thank our donor who graciously sponsored the event in memory of beautiful Scarlett (Be the Sunshine). We asked the children to donate a coloring book in her honor to an annual toy drive for another one our group’s angels, Abby. We collected 21 coloring books!!

Each child that attended placed their thumbprint on a Sunshine Portrait for Scarlett as a thank you to the donor! The children were so proud to help. We hope this Sunshine Portrait gives her family some joy when they look at it.

Those children in attendance went home with a blank book and coloring pencils to encourage them to write their own version of a journal or story about their sibling.

Today was the first of many events for our kids to have fun together and do something kind for others.

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