2016 Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Pediatric Residents Seminar

December 7, 2016 The Still Remembered Project

2016 Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Pediatric Residents Seminar

This morning, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh hosted a Death & Dying Seminar for 2nd year pediatric residents to give them an opportunity to hear from and speak to bereaved families who have lost a child. This seminar gives the residents in-depth training on how to approach a family and work with them through such a difficult situation.

The day began with four bereaved parents sharing their stories of their children. Richard Ralston, one of our bereaved fathers, shared the story of his daughter Abbey Victoria Ralston and how the medical team supported their family through their daughter’s life and death. Our Executive director, Lauren McLean was invited to be Rick’s guest this morning. Rick’s message to the residents came from a place of love, compassion and encouragement. By describing Abbey’s life, he was able to give the residents amazing guidance and a father’s perspective.

A HUGE Thank You to Rick for inviting us and to Children’s Hospital and the other bereaved parents for such a heartfelt morning.

The photos feature Richard Ralston, Dr. Scott Maurer of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Susan Rudzki, another beavered parent who shared the story of her beloved son.

Always Still Remembering….

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