Angel Gowns

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Closed to Dress Donations

We are not accepting wedding gown donations or completed Angel Gowns.  Our partners are fully supplied to support families and our seamstresses still have many dresses in queue for transformation. 

About Angel Gowns

Angel Gowns are created from donated wedding dresses. Our volunteers take fabric from the dress and redesign it into a simple, tiny gown for a precious baby. In many cases, our volunteers can create a few Angel Gowns from one wedding dress. These Angel Gowns are offered to families whose babies have passed away as a precious outfit for them to dress their little one in. Some families will have their baby baptized, blessed or photographed in the gown. Others will choose to bury their baby in these precious garments. They truly are a cherished gift to the families who receive them.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at Thank you so much for reading about our Angel Gown Program and considering to donate. We are so humbled and thankful for your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so grateful for your interest in hosting and/or organizing a wedding dress drive for our Angel Gown Program. Due to the complexities in documenting donor and dress information, in addition to controlling inventory and limited storage space, our organization is unable to accept such requests. We kindly appreciate your understanding.

  • Prior to donation, we kindly ask that you dry clean your dress.
  • Next email Angel Gown program leader, Gina McLean at to notify her about donating your dress. She will answer your questions and coordinate your donation.
    • Provide in your email your full name, mailing address, phone number and email address so that we can provide document of your donation.
    • Also email a picture of the dress and a picture of the Bride in the wedding dress.
  • There are two ways that wedding dresses will be accepted:

Wedding Dresses can be sent to The Still Remembered Project PO Box. If you are mailing your dress, we will confirm with you when we receive it:

The Still Remembered Project

PO Box 13

Bethel Park, PA 15102

If you are local to the Pittsburgh area, we have volunteers willing to meet you for a pick up.

  • Once the Angel Gowns have been designed from your wedding dress, the Angel Gown team would like to take photographs of the Angel Gowns to share on our website. We kindly ask for your permission to share the completed Angel Gowns including some of the before pictures. In the near future, we intend on creating a gallery of before and after pictures to show the amazing transformation of the material.


We welcome any dress that is white, champagne or off-white in color and that is plain or includes lace or beading. When designing an Angel Gown, the lace and beads are wonderful for trimmings on the gowns and add beautiful detail.


YES! Many ladies who have donated to us will cut a part of their dress to keep. Some will cut enough to create a handkerchief in the future and others will want to keep a section of the lace or beading.  Please take whatever you would like.  We are so thankful for your wedding dress donation and can be creative in using what you have given us to create Angel Gowns.


Unfortunately, No.  The Still Remembered Project has relationships with a variety of local hospitals and funeral homes in the Pittsburgh area and when Angel Gowns are needed, the organization works to fill that need based on the size of Angel Gowns requested as well as quantity.  We also keep a detailed list of where the Angel Gowns are being donated so that we can document how many Angel Gowns are being donated per year through the organization.


Our group keeps the left over material to create detailed trimmings for future Angel Gowns.  Therefore, once a dress is donated to the organization, we cannot return any unused material, lace or beading.  We encourage you to cut your wedding dress prior to donation if you would like to keep any part of the wedding dress.


Yes.  If you give us permission via email, we would love to share the finished Angel Gowns on our social media accounts and on our website in our Angel Gown gallery.


Our organization is run by volunteers, including the Angel Gown program. Therefore we do not have a definite timeline for completions of individual Angel Gowns. We try our best to complete the Angel Gowns in a timely manner. Please feel free to email to see where your wedding dress falls in line for production.


Not at this time.  We are excited to be training four seamstresses in how to construct our gowns!  When we are ready to seek out new seamstresses, we will update this page and announce via social media.  


Our goal is to supply local Pittsburgh hospitals and funeral homes with remembrance keepsakes, including Angel Gowns. Please reach out to The Still Remembered Project for more information.


Yes, our seamstress lines each Angel Gown because the baby’s skin is so delicate.

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