Donated goods directly benefit bereaved families through our Memory Box, Still Missed and Still Family projects – and make a real difference in offering support and opportunities for remembrance. In addition, we collect homemade knitted, crocheted and sewn baby items as part of our Stitched with Love project, including wedding dresses for Angel Gowns. Visit their page to learn more about their specific needs.

Our greatest need are the following items:

Book for Sibling Bags

One of the items placed into our Sibling Bags is the book titled “We Were Gonna Have A Baby, But We Had An Angel Instead.” This book can be purchased directly from or and mailed to our organization.


We are looking for subtly embellished women’s handkerchiefs that are stain free to include in our miscarriage care packages. Purchase handkerchiefs for Still Missed directly through our Amazon Wish List.


Pale pink and pale blue ribbon in all sizes is one of our most versatile items. We use ribbon to make mini Pregnancy Loss Ribbons, tie ribbon around Memory Boxes and tie ribbon around all wrapped gifts.

Unfinished 4x6 Wood Picture Frames

Volunteers paint unfinished wood picture frames that are placed into the Memory Boxes. Bereaved families can then display their treasured photo in this frame.

Organza Bags

Small White or Ivory Organza Bags are typically used for our Mother and Baby bracelet sets.


On each Still Remembered Memory Box and picture frame we place a boy or girl style decal as a decorative piece. The decals used are typically 4.75″ x 3.75″ in size.

New Teddy Bears

The Still Remembered Project places Teddy Bears in both the Memory Boxes as well as the Sibling Bags. Due to the size of our packaging material, we limited the bear size height to:

  • 6″ – 8″ for Memory Box Bears
  • 10″-12″ for Sibling Bag Bears

We CANNOT accept used stuffed teddy bears, due to infection control and allergies in the hospitals.


Please consider gifting Feminine or Softly Decorated Journals with Lined Pages to bereaved mothers receiving our boxes and miscarriage care packages. There is so much healing through the art of journaling.

“In moments of ecstasy, in moments of despair, the journal remains an impassive, silent friend. Forever ready to coach, to confront, to critique, to console.” -Kay Adams, Center for Journal Therapy

Purchase journals for our Memory Boxes directly through our Amazon Wish List.

Snowflake Ornaments

Bereaved Families receive an Iridescent Sparkling Snowflake Ornament in their Memory Box in remembrance of their baby for Christmas. The ornaments received are typically 3 1/2″ in diameter.

White Tissue Paper

White tissue paper is used to line Memory Boxes when crocheted blankets are not available. We also use tissue paper to wrap journals, picture frames and delicate items.

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