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The Still Remembered Project Mission

The Still Remembered Project provides bereaved parents and families Christian-based support and encouragement for a loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death. Our efforts offer hope and healing throughout all stages of the grief journey. We accomplish this mission by:

– Educating local medical and bereavement communities,
– Providing remembrance keepsakes to families,
– Holding awareness events, and
– Hosting a monthly peer support group meeting for bereaved mothers.

Why Donate to
The Still Remembered Project?

Because every Mom and family should have the opportunity to remember their precious baby, no matter how brief their life. We have heard stories of too many women and families who never had the chance to meet, hold or create memories with their babies. If you partner with The Still Remembered Project, you will be a part of a movement that is working to help provide comfort, support, hope, and healing to bereaved mothers and families in our community and beyond. Read More > >

Where Your Money Goes

Your donations directly support the life-changing work of The Still Remembered Project by
providing hope to bereaved families. These are your dollars at work:

Angel Gowns

Angel Gowns are created from donated wedding dresses. Our volunteers take fabric from the dress and redesign it into a simple, tiny gown for a precious baby.

Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes contain important items that bereaved mothers considered to have personal significance, as well as items that were wished for at the time of losing a baby. Each item has meaning and importance in helping to gently encourage remembrance and the honoring of a baby.

Sibling Bags

Still Family delivers Sibling Bags to local hospitals and funeral homes where they are given to families experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss. It is our hope the Sibling Bags provide siblings with a loving bonding experience as they grieve for their brother or sister.

Miscarriage Care Packages

The Still Remembered Project believes no Mom should go home empty handed. Everyone should have the opportunity to remember their baby no matter how brief their gestation. Our hope is to provide these packages for every woman in our community who experiences this devastating loss.

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