Not An Ordinary Trolley Ride

August 11, 2016
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August 11, 2016 The Still Remembered Project

Not An Ordinary Trolley Ride

Last night on the way home from the Pittsburgh Pirate game, I started talking with a lady who sat down beside me on the trolley.

At first we chatted about the baseball game, their 4-0 loss and what brought us there. For me I was attending a work event and she was attending with family, who happened to be scattered around the packed trolley. We then compared notes on how long our trolley ride was and quickly realized we lived in close proximity to one another. We ended up talking about where we lived, our jobs, the neighborhood… it was a good 35 minutes of us just talking. In our conversation she talked about that she has three daughters and that her youngest just got married. This lady I never met before, opened up that she hopes to be a grandma someday. **Pause**

And then it happened.

“My oldest daughter has already had 2 miscarriages. She’s in a low place. I had one between my 2nd and 3rd daughter. ”

This is why The Still Remembered Project exists. It’s times like this, that we can connect with bereaved mothers and their families (or grandma in this case) and offer hope and healing through their grief journey.

Do you know of someone who’s had a miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death? Invite them to like our Facebook page or visit our website . You might end up being like me, on the trolley, sharing about The Still Remembered Project.

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