Proud to be from Pittsburgh

June 26, 2017 The Still Remembered Project

Proud to be from Pittsburgh

Many thanks to Peggy Finnegan from WPXI-TV Pittsburgh for this wonderful “Proud to be from Pittsburgh” segment about the IMPACT The Still Remembered Project is having in the Pittsburgh and Weirton areas.

The board members, made up of bereaved mothers and a father “all know what it feels like, all of our moms, our dads, you know, the families. They know what it feels like to be in that hospital bed or leave that ultrasound room,” said Lauren McLean, Executive Director of The Still Remembered Project.

Beth Liedl humbly spoke about the support she received and how out of her grief she is doing something for her daughter Hannah.

A video is worth 1,000,000 words!

Click Here: Proud To Be From Pittsburgh

Board Members include: Amanda Day Parker, Joyce Lish, Melissa Ibella, Marianne Schafer, Jason McLean, and Pamela McNally-Shaw

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