Scarlett’s Sunshine Section

April 22, 2017 The Still Remembered Project

Scarlett’s Sunshine Section

We are so pleased to share with you that Peters Township Public Library is the first library in Western Pennsylvania to dedicate a section for children and their families struggling with the difficult topic of loss.

Scarlett’s Sunshine Section was established in Scarlett Lillian’s memory earlier this month, through the kindness of her Aunt Shannon Pauley, Head of the Peter’s Youth Services Department. The new section includes books on many types of loss including: the loss of a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, extended family and family pet.

Yesterday, The Still Remembered Project humbly donated five books to be included in Scarlett’s Sunshine Section for grieving siblings as well as some resources for families.

Shannon expressed that visitors do not have to be a resident of Peters Township or Washington County to benefit from Scarlett’s Sunshine Section. It is meant for everyone to feel sunshine, when all feels lost.

Come visit the Youth Services Department at Peters Township Public Library with your children and check out Scarlett’s Sunshine Section. Don’t forget to take a Be the Sunshine card and do a random act of kindness in honor of this special little reader.

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