January 27, 2017 The Still Remembered Project

Tiniest of Shoes Matters the Most

The grief journey of a bereaved mother can feel unrelenting at times, especially when your grief is fresh or a significant date or anniversary is near.

Sometimes people in your pre-grief life are incapable of acknowledging your loss and relating to the new you post-grief. This is a helpful poem to remind ourselves to not dwell on the lack of support from some but to relish the opportunity to appreciate the support from those that genuinely provide it day after day, year after year.

“To learn how awful my shoes are might make them uncomfortable. To truly understand my shoes, you must walk in them.”

I gained a whole shoe size after Cameron was born. I have lots of beautiful shoes stored in my closets. They’ll never fit again, but I can’t get rid of them yet. They’re a good reminder of the life I lived before (when designer shoes mattered) to the life I live now where the tiniest of shoes matters the most.

Melissa Ibella

Treasurer and Board Member
The Still Remembered Project

Image/Poem: Author Unknown

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